Quality Production

The Future of Agriculture

The food industry is demanding and expecting increased traceability with food grade crop products. As an industry leader in quality specialty colored corn and soybean production, our process begins with ensuring seed purity and is carried through step-by-step to the final phase of quality assurance analysis. These high standards of our system ensure that we not only meet but also exceed our customers’ expectations. We take pride in our food manufacturing certifications and are fully committed to quality, service, and food safety.


Soybean Production

Our production region is extremely favorable for high-quality food grade soybean production. In addition to the fertile soils in the area, the Red River Valley is also blessed with above average rainfall. This region experiences long warm days and cool nights which promotes high-quality soybeans. While being in the northern tier of the U.S. soybean production region, the area experiences little to no pressure from soybean insects and diseases.


Colored Corn Production

The Red River Valley and surrounding states are home to one of the highest concentrations of certified organic acres in the United States. Many of our producers are pioneers in the organic crop production farming revolution. Our blue corn was specifically bred for the northern corn production regions of the Midwest. The region provides high rainfall with low pressure from insects and disease. This combination allows us to supply some of the highest-quality blue corn anywhere in the world.

Blue Corn